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Gemstones have been a part of ordinary life since prehistoric times, and they’re still used in many cultures today. Gemstones are typically classified according to their chemical composition and gem-quality characteristics. Just as there are many types of gems, there are also many ways to use them. The most common methods of using stones include wearing them on the body, cutting or engraving one into a piece of jewelry, or setting one into an ornamental dish or other object.

It’s important to learn all you can about gemstones before you buy. An uncertified stone may look impressive and beautiful but it could be something other than what is claimed. The only way to tell for certain is to have a professional identify the stone for you.

Gemstones may be switched in the store or after purchase; substituting one stone for another makes it easier for sellers to make more money on less expensive materials. Gemstones that are less expensive and more plentiful may be substituted for rarer stones of equal value.

The most important feature of a gemstone is the “quality.” Quality refers to the degree of the stone’s purity, its size and how well it incorporates or reflects other colors.

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