I was in my late 20s when thanksgiving came. I was going through a fairly rough time in my personal life, and I needed a break from that. Thanksgiving brought it all back, but it felt like I was just revisiting memories and trying to figure out who I was.

Thanksgivings are the time for family, friends, and the people you love to visit. The food is great, the parties are great, and the memories are great. But when you’re in your late 20s and have a rocky relationship with your parents, it can be awkward to get that special break. In order to get that special break, you have to find a way to make everyone else happy. Thanksgiving is the best time to do that.

Since I’m not a parent and I don’t have any real family (but that’s okay), I can’t be a reliable source for this article. But I can explain what I mean. There are plenty of Thanksgiving recipes that are simple and delicious and include a dish that everyone in your family can enjoy. We all like to celebrate the holiday by eating, drinking, and sharing delicious food.

The reason I bring this up is because we had a family Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year. My family consists of my husband and myself. We went with a big group of friends. The day was just perfect because my husband is super-active and we all had such a great time. There was so much food to eat that, even though we were there for thirty-five minutes, it was already over.

Not surprisingly, Thanksgiving got a lot of attention this year. It’s not really that surprising when you know the history. Not long ago, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated on Oct. 1, 1723. And here we are, thirty-nine years later, on Oct. 30, 2017. That still makes it seem like a really long time to go from one day to another.

The Thanksgiving holiday began in 1721, when “The Feast of St. George,” as it was known, was first celebrated. The holiday was originally a day of thanksgiving when the Pilgrims (the first English settlers in New England) gave thanks to their God for giving them the land where they found their home.

The reason it’s not usually known that Thanksgiving was a day of thanksgiving is that the Pilgrims had been promised a feast to celebrate their victory over the Spanish—a day of thanksgiving when those who are still in the faith are given a chance to enjoy their victory. In one of the Pilgrims’s final acts, he was given a new cup that he had been drinking when he was in the city of St. George, Massachusetts, and they all went to the feast.

A little bit of that is a little bit of that too. This is just the beginning of the Christmas holiday. I’m just going to add that some of the holidays in 2016 have been great in the past. And a lot of these holidays were marked by the death-motive. But this year it’s been a great big deal. Last year it was the most powerful Thanksgiving holiday in history, and with the Christmas holiday approaching. This year it’s a big deal.

I can’t really say that Thanksgiving was ever the most powerful holiday. I mean it was, and it was, but I can’t say it was ever the most powerful. But I can say it was never the most depressing. I know that wasn’t always true. A time when everything was just fine and dandy, but then something terrible happened and you realize it’s all gone to shit, and that’s it, just like that.

The difference between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a time when the world is about to end, and then you make a wish.

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