While it’s a good question, the answer is, “maybe?” I had a friend ask me a similar question about a few years back and I couldn’t figure out why I don’t get it. In fact, I didn’t realize I knew this answer until I started doing my own research.

In any event, the answer is, it depends. In Montclair, New Jersey (population: 890,000), the sales tax rate is 5 percent. In Vermont (population: 1,500,000), it’s 6.5 percent. In New Jersey, every business pays an additional 5.2 percent sales tax. (We were in Montclair last December when we were in the middle of our tax bill dispute.

The biggest problem with this is that they are making the sales tax a whopping $30,000. How is that worth $18,000? This is a different story and it’s a bit too extreme. The average sale tax for a business is $2,000, in other words, a 2 percent tax. But if you compare the sales tax in the United States to the sales tax in New Jersey a little higher, you’ll see that it’s 2 percent.

The sales tax is levied on the sales tax (which is a fixed amount) that is applied to the purchase price. It is a tax that is levied on each transaction in order to support state government tax coffers to pay for the costs of maintaining the state’s tax structure. As a result, the sales tax in the United States is roughly $1.30 on every sale, and 2 percent of the sales price.

New Jersey is the most expensive state in the United States in terms of sales tax. You may be surprised to learn that the sales tax is actually 2.8 percent. According to Tax Foundation, the sales tax in Virginia is 2.7 percent.

When you look at sales tax rates in the United States, most states have sales taxes as high as 3 percent in some municipalities. A State of New Jersey will have a sales tax rate as high as 4.5 percent, while the sales tax rate in Virginia is 1.8 percent. So you might be surprised to realize that New Jersey sales tax rates are higher than the rates in other states. But, to be fair, most states have sales taxes as high as 3 percent.

The sales tax rate in New Jersey is higher than that in most other U.S. states. Because of this, sales taxes in New Jersey can cost you up to $150 more a year in your monthly payments.

We’ve talked a lot about the way that tax rates can be calculated. According to the Census Bureau, the most likely rate is 3.9 percent. The average is 2.5 percent. That’s only 3.5 percent of the rate range. So, if you’re lucky enough to have a state that’s in the lowest income bracket, the average tax rate in New Jersey is 3.8 percent.

In our area, we get a 2.5 percent sales tax when we purchase any item with a sales tax rate over 3 percent. A lot of people pay less, and don’t think much about it. It’s kind of a hassle. To get a sales tax rate lower than 3 percent, you just have to move your purchases out of the state, and then you get a lower rate. We had a customer recently who paid less than 2.

It’s hard to believe that this is the same person who paid less than the state’s average rate of 3.8 percent. It’s not. The state’s sales tax is just that much higher. So, if you’re able to buy any item with a state sales tax rate that is at least 3 percent, you can keep the entire state’s sales tax rate. As with the other states, we just have to pay to have that state pay for the state’s sales tax rates.

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