principle of anticipation real estate: What No One Is Talking About

It’s all about the present moment, so I thought I’d share this principle with you. If you ever wake up one morning and think, “Ah, I wish I had a million dollars to just sit on in the bank and play with,” then you are either in the wrong state or you’re probably dreaming.

In life, you wake up and think, “I wish I had a million dollars to just sit on in the bank and play with.” In real estate, a million dollars is too much. Too much stuff to do.

It’s the most profound principle of all. In real estate it’s “If you get in a car, run it on a loop.” So much of the world is built on the principle that people can get in a car, but there’s a lot of stuff coming at you from the car and going on the loop. You don’t get in a car, but you get on the car and run it on a loop.

The way we live and work and play in the real world means we have to learn to anticipate and plan ahead. In a world that is constantly changing and constantly evolving, we need to be prepared for anything. We don’t have to wait for things to go right, we can prepare for the worst.

The real challenge is to learn to anticipate the world and not allow things to go wrong. It’s simple, and good to know.

I believe we can learn to anticipate by spending some time with the people around us. We can learn the art of anticipating by watching movies or reading books, but we can also prepare for unexpected events by knowing what to do (and when to do it) in the event of an emergency. One of the best things I’ve learned is to always, always be ready to react when something unexpected happens.

I think of myself as the principle of anticipation real estate. I always prepare for the unexpected. I have a checklist in my mind that I check off when I know I need to do something. I check out all my tools before I bring them to a new job, and I make sure I can get my tools and equipment to the job site, even if there is a delay. I have a contingency plan in place before I call or use someone who could help me out.

While this principle is easy to apply in most situations, it can sometimes be applied incorrectly. It means to be prepared for the unexpected, but it means to be prepared to be surprised. As much as this is true, the trick to getting ready for anything is to be ready to do it.

So if you’re like me, you’d be able to get a job in the real estate world. I know that’s a pretty bad thing from the inside, but I’m going to be honest. I’m not a professional agent, nor do I think I can help that. I think this is my biggest hope.

There’s a lot of different scenarios you can do in general, and I think there is actually a lot of different choices that will go a long way in the future. In the example shown below, I’m making a decision that is pretty easy but not entirely without a little bit of thought.

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