I actually have no idea. I can’t determine how many years have passed, I don’t know if I have any more birthday or anniversary present to open, and I have no idea what time of year it is. But it’s the truth.

For the record, every time I sit down to write this blog, I can’t seem to stop myself from wondering if I have more birthday or anniversary present to open or if it’s going to be a gift from my parents, or if I’m having a bad day. That’s pretty much the only thing that’s distracting me.

I will concede that every time I sit down to write this blog, I feel like it’s the first time I’ve ever talked about this. I don’t know if its the constant brain-fog, thinking about my future, or if its just my lack of self-awareness (and the fact that I don’t think of myself as being capable of doing this blog). Either way, it helps me to remember that the majority of my thoughts and actions are on autopilot.

I think that the problem is that the majority of our behavior is automatic and subconscious. Some of it is conscious and some of it is unconscious. The problem is when we believe that our autopilot habits control us. Then we don’t have to look back after a while and reflect on the ways we’ve been acting, or the ways we should be acting, or the things we should be thinking.

We all act in ways we dont expect most of the time. For example, if I am on the phone and someone asks me to pick up a phone call, I have no idea why I am picking up a call. So my behavior changes. But most of the time I am aware of the fact that my behavior is not what I should be doing, and most of the time I dont think about it.

In 15 years, your brain will have gone through a lot of different things. It will be a different person when you are an adult. It will have different thoughts and views. But I think that if you look at it as a general principle, you can say that each one of us will likely have a different personality about that point.

This is probably why you should look at it that way. There’s no such thing as a generic personality. You’re one personality. It is the same person no matter where you are and time.

Its a good idea to keep a journal throughout your life, and record your thoughts and experiences. The more you write down things, the more you will be able to recall them and remember them more clearly when you are an adult. As a general principle, each personality is a unique blend of many different things.

Do you like watching movies? I’ve never seen a movie. I don’t know what time there is in it. If it was on a Friday night you have to watch it. If it was on a Sunday evening, you have to watch it. It’s not always the way I’d like it.

You are a unique blend of all of these things. So while you want to write a list of all of your favorite movies, you might start writing a list of all of your favorite times in your life. Most people don’t want to think about all of those things at the same time. They want to think about one thing at a time. They want to be focused on one thing and they can’t.

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