The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About effective sales management begins with:

Effective sales management begins with a willingness to own your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and to stop fighting. We start with our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and then we practice and exercise the techniques and tools that will make our job more effective and give us the skills to get results.

We must first own our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors before we even get started. When we’re trying to get clients to buy our product or service, we must first own our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. You might be able to figure out what our thoughts are about sales and you might be able to figure out what we’re feeling and then you might be able to see how your feelings affect your thoughts.

We can’t get our thoughts out of our minds yet, but we can learn. We need to get our feelings out of our minds and focus on our actions. We need to focus on our actions, not our thoughts.

This is a lot of emphasis for a short post. I’ll try to avoid talking about sales as much as possible. What I will mention is that I’m a big believer in self-awareness. Like I said before, we can’t get our thoughts and feelings out of our minds, but we can learn how to control them. We can learn what we like and dislike, what we think and do when others are around, and how to control our emotions.

Self-awareness is something we’ve been talking about a lot lately. If you don’t like what you’re doing, you’re not doing it right. That goes for anything from your diet to your clothes. When we talk about self-awareness we’re talking about how we understand ourselves and how we learn how to control our thoughts and emotions. It’s something that we all need to work on.

Self-awareness is basically recognizing what you are doing and doing it in a way that makes you feel good. We think that the most effective sales people are the ones who use self-awareness to help them control their emotions. They use it to make sure they don’t start crying or to help them get through a sales meeting by giving them a big hug. Self-awareness means focusing on how you feel, without letting the emotion stop you from doing the task at hand.

Self-awareness or self-awareness as it is often called is the ability to recognize our feelings without getting emotionally attached to them. This is different from “self-awareness of our emotions” as it is sometimes described. This is where I think our marketing or sales people fail. They try to sell something that makes you feel good. But they fail because they are looking for people who have self-awareness and they are not looking for people who have self-awareness of their emotions.

When you have self-awareness of your emotions, you will not be able to think much in terms of how to sell a product.

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