And I can say that, yes, I can. I can even name a group chat with a computer or phone iphone and android.

Of course, this is not to say that iphone and android members are as smart as iphone. But they can still be pretty smart.

The biggest problem that iphone and android members have is actually that they are not as smart as iphone. iphone has some amazing things like voice recognition, but it is also so slow and laggy that it is a pain to use. And it isn’t like it’s going to be replaced anytime soon. And when you’re talking to your phone, you are still talking to your phone.

To be fair, ios does have a ton of great things. Its voice recognition, instant messaging, and even the iphone app. But iphone is still slower than the android app. And just like the iphone app, its laggy. So it really isn’t as good as iphone.

In the iphone app, there are a ton of great features. But for the most part, the iphone app is just a little faster in the hands of a beginner. To the best of my knowledge, the only thing it can do that android can do is text. But iphone can do all these cool things. It also has voice recognition (as mentioned above).

the iphone app is awesome, but it can’t do all that many features that the android app can, like email, text, or any of the other features that iphone can do.

I guess it boils down to the basics. For instance, iphone can text. But it can also do some cool things that android cannot. But android can do a ton of cool things that iphone can’t do.

The iphone app is great, but it can’t do all that many things that android can. That’s why it’s called an iphone app, because it’s a iphone. But iphone can also do a ton of cool things that android cannot do. It’s basically a really dumb phone.

My favorite part of the video is when iphone tells me that he can text and send pictures, but it can’t send video. The iphone app also tells me that iphone cant do that either. Its basically a dumb phone but with a cool camera.

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